Packing Products: Biscuit, Chocolate Bar, Noodles, Cycle Tube, Gauze, Bearing, Maggi, Samtaing Towels, Scotch Bar, Gur, Cake, Tray Pack Items & Electronic Items etc

Packaging Machine
Horizontal Flow Wrape Pillopack Packaging Machine

JAT - 309
Horizontal Flow Wrape Pillopack Packaging Machine

Tray and Pillow Packing Machine-Multipurpose, Quick, and Damage free

Meeting crucial packaging needs for products like Biscuits, Cakes, chocolates, cookies, Noodles, and Maggi, our JAT-309 holds them all in versatile pillow packets. It is a single phase, Horizontal Flow Wrap, and pillow pack machine which runs on 2 Horsepower gear motor. Consuming 3 kilowatts electrical power, it is highly functional in producing 80 pouches in a minute. It contains 8 feet long conveyor belt and uses manual feeding mechanism. It can pack the items in Tray as well as Pillow form. Therefore, one can also utilize it as a cake packaging machine for housing the pieces of cake in a tray form.

A machine needs to be watchful for packing Biscuits, Cakes, chocolates, cookies, and other fragile food items. Without causing any damage, the whole packaging process requires being gentle and quick at the same time. Our machine can be easily used as a biscuit/cookie packaging machine which wraps the products using central sealing mechanism. The safety of the products is maintained throughout the packaging process. Therefore, it can also be used as a Noodle/Maggi packing machine for packing Maggi, Noodles, Spaghetti, Macaroni, and Pasta. Our machinery is so versatile that it serves multiple purposes of packaging. Furthermore, its handling is easy with little maintenance.

SpecificationsProduct Specifications

All product contact parts:
Electrical power:
Machines weight:
Main body covers:
Main Body type:
Main motor:
Maximum film roll width:
Packaging film:
Packing speed:
Product application:
Sealing Mechanism:
Sealing type:
Feeding system:
Chain Conveyr:
SS made
1200 Kg (Approx.)
MS with powder coated
Fabricated (MS)
2HP (Gear motor-Bonfigliol, Crompton Greaves), Single Phase
Heat sealable laminated film in roll form
80 pouches/min
Any item which can run on surface
Center seal
Manual Feeding
8 ft long Conveyr with pusher/rod
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