Which packaging machine suits your business needs

Are you an entrepreneur who is looking for different options to brand up your business? You are already in the race if you have chosen good packaging methods for advertising your products. Packaging is not only about storing the products, but also to maintain the brand consistency. The whole sole purpose of using a good packaging is to hold the materials securely and prevent against germs attack, moisture and heat. For all kinds of products, there are different types of packaging available characterized in two main groups.

Retail Container Packaging

  1. Retail containers

Such kind of packaging is ideal for protecting the food against any kind of damage. At the same time, it advertises your products for retail purpose. This basically includes sachets, glass bottles, plastic bottles metal cans and other things.

Shipping Container Packaging

  1. Shipping containers

The shipping containers are best for protecting the food and safely transport the materials from one place to another. These packaging includes corrugated fire board cartons, sacks, shrink wrapped containers, crates, drums, and foil bags.

For different type of industries, packaging varies too depending on the products they are manufacturing. No matter if you have food business or deals in clothes manufacturing, packaging is the most crucial part of any process.  Here, we are discussing some of the materials meant for packaging purpose.

Board & Paper

According to Jawla Advanced Technology, Packing Machine Manufacturer in Faridabad, paper & board are one of the important packaging materials in the industry. The reason behind it is low cost, ability to hold the shape and easily get decorated. The papers which are available commercially made from cellulose fiber and from other sources like sisal, hemp, straw and cotton. Moreover, when laminated the strength of paper automatically increases and also offer good barrier properties. Even these materials can easily be embossed or matte finished.

One can make use of labels, leaflets, corrugated boxes, pulp packs, rigid boxes and cartons. All of them are prepared using Paper & Board.


Glass available in the market that is used as packaging material is prepared from the combination of sodium carbonate, calcium carbonate and silica. The manufacturers do add different compounds in order to give resistance against heat shock, color and even sparkle. Why glass is important packaging material? It is so because –

  • Glass provides good resistance against moisture and gas.
  • Known for its inertness.
  • Provide sterilization.
  • Highly recyclable.
  • Easy to mold into different shapes.
  • Maintain transparency for product visibility.

Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap nowadays is counted amongst few packaging materials that help you to keep your product safe for a longer period of time. Whether it is electronics, glassware or any fragile products; all can easily be packed in this bubble wrap. It can keep your valuable safe and secure from outside temperature and load. The popping air bubbles are meant for providing the air cushioning and come with some snapping sounds. Those items which require additional protection are packed inside this bubble wrap.



Food Packaging Machine Manufacturers makes use of plastics for packing liquid as well as solid food items. The most common fact about using plastic is that it is light in weight, strong and cost-effective packaging material. Due to such reasons, plastics have become a perfect substitute of cardboard and glass packaging materials. The plastics are used for –

  • Lightweight nature.
  • Offer good rigidity.
  • Easy molding ability.
  • Impact resistant.
  • Simple to label.
  • Heat sealable.


Shrink Wrap

Most of the commercial products are mostly shrink wrap and transported. It is used for those materials which need tamper-protection. Such kind of packaging material gives tight seal and show the ability to keep moisture out.


Plastic envelopes

Plastic pouches are especially designed for providing ultimate solution to protect all your goods from outside weather. The poly mailing envelopes are available in the market in various sizes.

On asking the moving companies, they generally desire for right kind of packaging materials. First of all, set your budget and search for the packaging materials that suit your requirements. Once you stop at a budget, think about the mode of transportation. This is also a very important factor to consider while choosing the packaging material.

After circling all the factors, you can easily find the right kind of packaging materials.

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