Tips for Buying a FFS Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) Machine

Any investment in fixed assets can be a bit intimidating and confusing decision. If made at the right time, an investment in machinery can propel a business in the mainstream while a delay in the infrastructural decision might force a business lag behind competitors and lose out on customers.

Packaging has become an integral part of any product and flexible packaging is the trendiest packaging in the market. Out of the two types of packaging machines available- HFFS and VFFS machines, the buyer must first analyze his need.

HFFS (Horizontal Form Fill Seal machine) is best suited for easily contained, single, solid items like candy bars, toys, soaps etc. VFFS (Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine) is used for loose, granulated, or difficult to handle products.

Here we enlist below 11 tips to keep in mind while buying a VFFS machine:

Size and weight of the machine

Make sure you choose the right size and weight of the VFFS machine to suit your requirements. Do not assume that one machine shall fit all your requirements. Narrow down your purchase to that machine size which suits your products’ size and weight specifications.

Avoid complex machines

A simple machine would mean less maintenance and less training. Complex machines add to more training and maintenance costs.


Ensure what the entire base price includes. It should be inclusive of registration, capability, a stainless steel construction and the automatic web control. Beware of those OEM’s who keep the base prices low by deliberately excluding essentials. An honest VFFS packaging machine manufacturer shall keep prices inclusive of these aspects or lower prices correspondingly and inform the buyer about it.

Plan for the future

Keeping in mind your future growth and expansion plans; buy a machine which shall not inhibit growth. Keep future as well as present filling needs in mind while making a decision.

Ensure your OEM (original equipment manufacturer) has a great track record-

A machine from a VFFS packaging machine manufacturer with an expertise in a relatively similar application as yours shall be more worth than one from a different application.

Key operation strategies

Make sure that the operator switch between various sizes of filling tubes is tool-less and does not require a great many tools to switch over to different bag sizes. Buying a machine that gives greater flexibility to run smoothly and effectively between different bag sizes, say of different lengths and same widths, is more advisable.

Operator Interface

It is important that the operator interface is multilingual and can accommodate varying operators of different linguistic backgrounds. One must not require a software engineer to navigate the onscreen help functionality.

Choose a machine for your leading product

Choose your type and size of the machine keeping in mind your leading product. Though most VFFS machines can work flexibly by packaging products of quite a range of sizes, their effectiveness surely suffers. So a machine that is specialized to cater to your largest selling product is bound to give you better sales and higher profits.

Ask your OEM for recommendations

As machine OEM’s have a long-standing experience of working with film manufacturers, you can ask your VFFS packaging machine manufacturer for his suggestion on the best type of films and their latest technological trends suitable for your application.

Average yearly operating costs

Your VFFS packaging machine manufacturer can give you a fair idea about the yearly operating costs. Often parts like the cartridge heaters, knives and ware strips etc need to be replaced as they wear out during the manufacturing process. A purchase decision must have to take replacement costs into consideration as well.

Confirm whether the machine is using a 360-degree timing

Using the 360-degree timing has become obsolete now. Latest machines do not require speeding up or slowing down and work on the optimum sealing time and temperature. In case your OEM tells you that the machine is using a360 degree timing, look for a more modern machine. It shall be worth it.

Your application using the VFFS might be similar to some other users, but still distinctive in many other ways. Keeping these guidelines in mind and the best advice from your VFFS packaging machine manufacturer, make the right decision and invest in a VFFS machine that shall suit your product needs and help you reach out to your target audience in the best possible ways. Make your VFFS packaging machine deliver more to you by optimizing your decision.

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