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What is Auger Filler and what are its benefits?

Purchasing spice filling machine is just not enough to ensure your products end up safely in the desired packages. A few things like bulk density, fill weight, and Auger are crucial to consider for maintaining the filling precision and accuracy. The Auger for spice packaging machines is specially designed to augment the efficiency and productivity for the packagers of dry fill products. Where earlier the machines tend to overfill the containers, the Auger Filler reduces the chances by almost 3%. Its intrinsic properties ensure hygiene, speed, and safety of the products as well as the operators.  This is the reason why the powder packaging machines with Collar Auger Filler is the ultimate choice for the Besan packing machine manufacturers.

One of the Sattu packing machine manufacturers added, “fulfilling the rigorous and bulk packaging needs of dairy powders, spices, pharmaceutical powders and other consumption products have become easy with highly-functional packaging machines. They provide high production rate and consistent pouch quality.” The machines are made up of anti-corrosion materials, designed with a clutch-break mechanism, and offer versatile functionality. The Spice powder packing machines are fully-automatic and run on the quick controlled AC drive.